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Lifestyle Lifetime One Day Bath or Bath Fitter®?

When considering replacing an existing bathtub, you are faced with the decision of which company to choose.  There are a number of very talented and reputable companies from which to choose … so which is the right choice for you?  Hopefully we can be of some assistance here.

Lifestyle Home Products offers an alternative to an expensive bathroom renovation with the One-Day Bath install.  We don’t simply resurface the tub and surround, we remove and replace them.  This allows us to not only offer bathtubs, but also showers and accessible tub and shower options as well.

Bath Fitter® is a well known competitor in this market.  They offer an excellent product and warranty.  On the surface, the product seems identical, but there are some key differences which could inform your decision:

What makes Lifestyle One-Day Baths different than other fabricated acrylic bathtub inserts?

  • As part of the installation process, we remove the old tub underneath before doing your new bathtub installation. This way you know any problem areas are being addressed.
  • The use of non-porous, 100% virgin acrylic means your tub surround never cracks or fades.
  • Our baths have Silver Shield™ Anti-Microbial Protection. This built-in protection creates a mold resistant surface.
  • From seating to shower shelving and grab bars, Lifestyle will fully customize your safe bathing area.
  • Lifestyle One-Day Bath Installations are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.
Lifestyle Home ProductsBath Fitter®
One-Day InstallationYesYes
Lifetime product warrantyYesYes
Made to fitYesYes
Seamless wallsYesYes
Variety of colours and accessoriesYesYes
Remove old tub and surroundYesNo
Expose full  structure under existing wall for water damage and replace fullyYesNo
Remove old tub tub, surround and fixtures and install all newYesNo
Standard install can be take out tub and convert to walk-in showerYesNo
Upgrade to Jacuzzi® walk-in tubYesNo