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Spend Your Winter In The Sun

Enjoy The Season From Your Own Sunroom

With recent travel restrictions, many people were forced to change winter plans.  Snowbirds who would normally spend their winters in the sun down south are forced to stay around home.  Lifestyle Sunrooms offers the perfect solution to have a sunny experience all year round.  

Our Oasis Plus 4-season sunroom and Grand Oasis Sunroom Addition are the ideal solution to enjoying the sunny outdoors during the winter months from the comfort of your own home.

Why Build A Lifestyle Sunroom?


  • Save money on future travel
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Add light to your existing living space
  • Enjoy a comfortable living space all year round


  • This room is joined to your home and
    easily closed off by a sliding patio door or
    a terrace garden door when not in use.
  • High performance glass package includes
    Low-E argon gas and super spacer seal.
  • Superior insulated walls and glass package
    keep you cool in the summer and warm in
    the winter.
  • Extra-thick, insulated roof panels provide
    optimum strength and year-round comfort.

How Do People Use Their New Space?

  • Art Studio
  • Yoga/Exercise Room
  • Music Studio
  • Golf Green

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