Casement Windows

Sunrooms  •  One-Day Baths  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings
Sunrooms  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings

Maximum Air Flow, Easy Cleaning

This is one of the most energy efficient operating windows you can have installed in your home.

Lifestyle’s triple-seal casement windows can be opened to be cleaned from the inside. Multi-point locks are featured to make windows secure and weather tight.

Our triple seal and warm edge technology make this vinyl window extremely energy efficient. The Roto™ hardware system is easy to operate and allows each window to open to a full 90° for maximum ventilation and ease of cleaning.


  • Sleek European Design
  • Thick Heavy-Duty Extrusions
  • North American Made Roto™ Hardware
  • Super Spacer
  • Standard Fold Down Handles
  • Foam Filled Frames
  • Standard Multi-point Lock System
  • Triple Seal Weather-Stripping
  • Easy To Remove Overlapping Screen System
  • Choice of Colours and Grids


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