Bay & Bow Windows

Sunrooms  •  One-Day Baths  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings
Sunrooms  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings

Views That Really Stand Out

Our three-dimensional bay and bow windows get noticed on any wall space.


Lifestyle bay windows invite the outdoors in by offering a 180° view of the outside. This will add beauty and the feeling of extra space in your home. Many configurations can be designed within the basic shape of a bay window.

We offer a choice of 45°and 30° designs, for both walk-in and regular bay windows.


Lifestyle bow windows are a series of windows joined together create a graceful bow or curve. Bow windows add style to the exterior of your home. Most importantly, they greatly expand interior space, light and views.

Options in Lifestyle bow windows include 10° and 15° designs, with different projections to suit your needs.


  • Sleek European Design
  • Thick Heavy-Duty Extrusions
  • North American Made Roto™ Hardware
  • Super Spacer
  • Standard Fold Down Handles
  • Foam Filled Frames
  • Triple Seal Weather-Stripping
  • Easy To Remove Overlapping Screen System
  • Choice of Colours and Grids


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