Awning Windows

Sunrooms  •  One-Day Baths  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings
Sunrooms  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings

Let Air In, Keep Rain Out

These outward projecting awning windows are beautiful alone, or in combination with any other Lifestyle window system.

Lifestyle awning windows open out from the bottom, letting air circulate freely while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out. Our awning windows can be featured alone, stacked, side-by-side or matched with picture windows to create the look and function you desire.

Lifestyle awning windows provide a snug, weather tight seal and outstanding thermal performance. They are an excellent choice for kitchens offering maximum ventilation.


  • Sleek European Design
  • Thick Heavy-Duty Extrusions
  • North American Made Roto™ Hardware
  • Super Spacer
  • Standard Fold Down Handles
  • Foam Filled Frames
  • Triple Seal Weather-Stripping
  • Easy To Remove Overlapping Screen System
  • Choice of Colours and Grids


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