Porch or Patio Enclosure

Sunrooms  •  One-Day Baths  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings
Sunrooms  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings

Porch enclosures and storm doors from Lifestyle Home Products use the same premium construction as Lifestyle sunrooms, providing an affordable barrier between the elements and your home.

  • Provides protection for your deck or patio, four seasons of the year, while still letting in natural light.
  • Unlike an acrylic or plastic patio cover, our patented insulated roofing system is engineered for our tough Canadian climate.
  • On a hot day, you will be up to ten degrees cooler due to the insulation value of the roof.
  • Available with a maintenance-free aluminum top or wood top for shingle application.
  • The “Hidden Vent” retractable screen is designed to give you a clear view when closed and allow for ventilation when opened.


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