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Installation Process

These photos follow a recent Whitby, Ontario tub replacement and installation.

1. Lifestyle’s One-Day Bath installation begins.

2. This BEFORE photo shows the old bath area.

3. The old walls and tiles are removed right back to the studs.

4. Lifestyle removes the old tub and will take it with any debris.

5. All is cleaned up in the bath area. New plumbing is installed.

6. The new drain is fitted and installed.

7. Plumbing lines are custom fit to the new system.

8. Lifestyle’s new, lifetime tub is brought inside.

9. Walls are back framed for grab bars and accessories.

10. Dry fit prep of the tub is done before being secured in place.

11. Specially formulated, high strength “Everset” adhesive is applied.

12. Everset corner adhesive is applied over the new marine drywall.

13. Patented triple-lock seal corners are installed to repel water.

14. Precision measuring is done for the 3 acrylic walls.

15. All walls are carefully cut on site to ensure a custom fit.

16. Everset adhesive is applied to the marine grade drywall.

17. Our installers precision fit the waterproof, acrylic walls.

18. New bath and shower fixtures are installed.

19. The pre-selected safety grab bars and soap caddy are installed.

20. The finished Lifestyle One-Day Bath project.