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Tub to Shower in Just One Day

Replace your existing tub with a new walk-in shower from Ontario’s trusted name in home improvement.

Need a barrier-free walk-in shower? Want to replace that old tub? There’s no more need to step over a bathtub ledge when you replace your existing tub with a low threshold or no threshold walk-in shower installed by Lifestyle. And you’ll see the difference in just one day.

What makes Lifestyle’s walk-in showers different than other fabricated acrylic shower inserts?

  • As part of the installation process, we remove the old tub underneath before doing your new shower installation. We guarantee everything is new and squeaky clean.
  • The use of non-porous, 100% virgin acrylic means your shower insert never cracks or fades.
  • Our walk-in showers have Silver Shield™ Anti-Microbial Protection. This built-in protection creates a mold resistant surface.
  • From seating to shower shelving and grab bars, Lifestyle will fully customize your safe bathing area.
  • Lifestyle’s one-day shower installations are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Shower Basin Depths/Type

Pick from our walk-in tub surrounds. Many size and shape options are available:

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