Permanent Awnings

Sunrooms  •  One-Day Baths  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings
Sunrooms  •  Metal Roofing  •  Windows  •  Exterior Doors  •  Awnings

A Year-Round, Insulated Roof System

Lifestyle permanent awnings have pre-engineered roofs that pass all standard building codes. As a result, they can function as carports, deck covers, patio covers, boathouse roofs, and more.


  • Ideal for summer outdoor shelters since the high insulation value keeps extreme heat out but allows natural light in
  • Sturdy winter shelter for vehicles or watercraft
  • Available with a maintenance-free aluminum top or wood top for shingle application
  • Heavy duty, high strength, galvanized steel, tube frame
  • Water resistant
  • Snow and wind rated
  • Wide variety of colours and sizes


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