Lifetime Metal Roofing protects you from the elements. We protect you with a lifetime warranty.

Increase Your Peace of Mind with a Lifetime Roof

  • Maximum curb appeal due to the premium, finished look.
  • A transferable 50 year warranty that stays with your home.
  • A sustainable, green roof with maximum energy efficiency.
  • A maintenance-free roof that doesn’t gather moss or algae, resists rust and sheds snow.
  • A sealed roof that keeps rodents and nature out.
  • Ultra-durable zinc alloy coated shingles that are fade resistant, hail resistant, and are fire rated.
  • The most quiet, durable, walkable roofing system on the market since these low profile shingles do not require strapping like most other metal roofing systems.
  • Expert installation from Lifestyle’s factory trained installers and the professionalism of a company that is 100% Canadian.

Never Re-roof Again

The best roof in Canada is the last roof you’ll ever need. Made from premium steel and designed to look amazing, we guarantee our metal roofing for a lifetime!

Lifetime Metal Roofing Brochure

For an overview of our metal roofing products, please help yourself to a complimentary download of our brochure:

Lifetime Metal Roofing PDF

Why Choose Lifestyle?

  1. You are notified by us in advance of your project start date.
  2. You save on landfill since installation is over your existing roof.
  3. You get attention to detail and work that is completed in a timely manner.
  4. You have access to our customer service team for support.
  5. You receive a transferable 50 year warranty to protect your home.
  6. You get a free roof assessment and a formal price in writing.
  7. You can view customer testimonials based on 30 years of experience.
  8. You are informed of the process and how we properly prepare your roof.
  9. You get sound advice to enable you to choose from many designer colours.
  10. You can select a payment method to best suit your budget.

Talk to Us...

To find out more about how a Lifestyle Lifetime Metal Roof can improve the value and longevity of your home, get in touch today. One of our experienced design consultants will be in touch soon!