Want a walk-in shower, Jacuzzi® walk-in tub or safety features like grab bars? Lifestyle Home Products supplies and installs acrylic BathWraps.

The Easy and Affordable Bathroom Renovation

BathWraps is an industry leader in technical innovation, and one of the fastest growing acrylic manufacturers in the industry. Lifestyle Home Products is pleased to be the Canadian supplier and installer of BathWraps.

What makes BathWraps different than other fabricated acrylic bathtub and shower inserts?

  • BathWraps has developed proprietary Fusion Installation Technology™ to provide the perfect fit. Rather than a standard, one-piece wall system, BathWraps has three separate walls custom molded to fit, even when the bathroom walls are out of square.
  • Lifestyle’s trained and certified installers use triple-lock seals in every corner so that your tub or shower stays watertight.
  • We’ll remove the old tub and fixtures underneath before doing your BathWraps installation. This way you know any problem areas are being addressed.
  • BathWraps are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.
  • The use of non-porous, 100% virgin acrylic means your tub or shower surround never cracks or fades.
  • BathWraps products have Silver Shield™ Anti-Microbial Protection. This built-in protection creates a mold resistant surface.
  • As a low maintenance product, you won’t need to use harsh chemicals or scour to keep things clean. You can simply wipe with a cloth and mild cleanser.
  • From barrier-free showers and walk-in tubs to seating and grab bars, BathWraps will fully customize your safe bathing area.

There’s no more need to step over a high bathtub ledge when you replace your existing tub with a low threshold or no threshold BathWraps walk-in show. Plus, you get beauty and durability of a safe, easy-to-clean shower system.

Lifestyle Home Products can install a custom acrylic shower system fit for your bathroom by removing your existing shower and installing a new 100% durable acrylic BathWraps shower.

They look stunning, but BathWraps showers are also very practical. They are walker and wheelchair accessible.

From stunning stone patterns to sleek fixtures and convenient shelving, you can choose from a wide range of options to create the shower you’ve always wanted.

Is it time to replace an old tub that’s holding back the spa-like feeling of your bathroom? Maybe your bathtub is cracked, scratched or in a colour that doesn’t appeal today. Consider a new BathWraps soaker tub with beautiful acrylic wall surround.

Lifestyle Home Products can install a custom acrylic tub system fit for your bathroom by removing your existing tub and installing a new 100% durable acrylic BathWraps soaker tub and wall surround.

Choose from many different tubs and wall surrounds to suit the shape of your bathroom. Select what works best for you in terms of colours, finishes and design.

You can also select a tub/shower combination. Your new wall surround can contain added shelving and also be fitted with grab bars for added safety.

Want to soak in a luxury whirlpool tub that’s easy to easy to enter, and easy to exit? Now you can relax in a safe, walk-in Jacuzzi® tub at home. Using BathWraps, everything can be installed to fit the layout of your bathroom.

Replace your old, cracked, stained bathtub with a sparkling new Jacuzzi® – the real thing.

Walk-in bathtubs address a variety of concerns, from fears of falling to chronic pain and loss of independence.

Quickly installed, fully customized, and exceptionally stylish, your stunning new Jacuzzi walk-in bathtub will be the sanctuary you always dreamed about.

We can add features to make your bathroom more safe and accessible.

These include:

• grab bars and handholds

• built-in seating

• anti-slip flooring

• foot pedestals

• shelving options

• other upgrades to make bathing comfortable and stress-free

Your certified installer can show you several options in accessories to fit within the design of your bathroom and provide you with the therapeutic benefits and peace of mind you need.

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