Keep the outdoors where it belongs. Enclosures and storm doors put a barrier between you and the elements.

Your New Favourite Room

No matter how many different uses our Ontario sunrooms see, the commonality is they soon become the favourite room of the house. The versatility is limited only by your imagination. Built to offer the maximum in environment and climate control to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements, Lifestyle Sunrooms feature superior features, making them maintenance-free and easy to use. Simply open the door, step inside, and start truly enjoying your life in your Lifestyle sunroom. Your family will love you for it!

Why Choose Lifestyle?

3 Fantastic Sunroom Models:

Oasis 3-Season Sunroom

The Oasis 3-Season Sunroom is our most affordable sunroom solution. This three season enclosure provides natural light while protecting you from wind, rain, and the harmful UV rays of the sun. This spring, summer, and fall patio room extends your outdoor living space and will soon become the favourite room in your home. It offers sleek and clean lines, and extra large glass panels for maximum light and visibility.

Oasis Plus 3-Season PLUS Sunroom

The Oasis Plus Four-Season Sunroom allows you to enjoy all four seasons in the comfort of your home. This Ontario-made four season patio room is built for our harsh Canadian climate. Imagine entertaining outdoors in December, but being protected from the elements. Lifestyle’s Canadian engineered Oasis Plus sunroom provides you with exceptional value at affordable pricing. Our high performance glass package provides you with year-round protection. It allows the sunlight in, but blocks out harmful UV rays and heat during the summer months, keeping you protected and cool. In the winter, it provides you with the highest R-value possible, keeping you warm on those cold winter days.

Enjoy your own view of nature indoors with this popular design. Featuring a single-sloped roof, which is attached to your house by our factory certified technicians, the Oasis Plus Sunroom offers a clean layout, and is custom designed to flawlessly match the decor of your home.

Grand Oasis Sunroom Addition

The Grand Oasis Sunroom addition adds space, value, and ambiance to your home. Like no other room in your home, Lifestyle’s pre-engineered sunroom addition wall system allows for maximum glass openings with very little obstruction. Unlike conventional built additions — which feel like just another room in your home — Lifestyle’s Grand Oasis sunroom addition allows for panoramic views year-round. The natural light our four season sunroom addition will provide for a kitchen extension, entertainment room, living room, or fun room will be at a fraction of the cost of a solarium or conservatory glass roof addition.

Stay protected from the harsh elements with our sunroom with the biggest “wow” factor. Adding a new dimension to your home and lifestyle, these extraordinary sunrooms offer unimpaired panoramic view of your surrounding landscape, thanks to large glass panels and a front vaulted-glass wall.

Giving the room an airy and open feel far beyond the actual square footage it occupies, your Grand Oasis room will give you plenty of room to stretch out.

Patio, Deck & Shade Covers

Insulated Roof system

Lifestyle’s insulated roof system provides protection for your deck or patio, four seasons of the year, while still letting in that all-important natural light. Our pre-engineered roofs pass all building codes and work great as carports, deck covers, patio covers, boathouse roofs, and many more applications.

Unlike an acrylic or plastic patio cover, our patented insulated roofing system is engineered for our tough Canadian climate, and is available with a maintenance-free aluminum top or wood top for shingle application. The true advantage of our insulated patio and deck cover is that on a hot summer day, you will be up to ten degrees cooler due to the insulation value of our roof.

Add year-round shelter from the rain, snow and sun to your patio or backyard sitting area with this popular partial enclosure. Enjoy outdoor gatherings and rest in your favorite patio lounge chair on a hot summer day without worrying about the weather’s harsh effects. Your premium patio cover system offers you the peace of mind of being able to plan all your outdoor events without concern of sudden climate changes spoiling your plans.

They can also provide attractive and maintenance-free protection for your vehicles. No need to worry about scraping your windshield or digging your car out from the snow, and you can get the groceries from the car to the house even in inclement weather. The cover system is made of maintenance-free components that provide a virtual lifetime of trouble-free use and enjoyment.

Enclosures Brochure

For an overview of our enclosure models and designs, please help yourself to a complimentary download of our brochure:

Enclosures Brochure PDF

Our premium engineered sunrooms are many things to our customers:

  • The ritual spot to savour your morning cup of coffee and listen to the serenade of songbirds in the spring before beginning your day.
  • A room for the kids to play in protected from UV rays and insects.
  • The perfect area for an afternoon nap during a rain shower.
  • A bright and spacious room used to entertain friends and family.
  • A cozy and private oasis to enjoy a soak in the spa and some romantic midnight stargazing.

Our Customers In Their Own Words:

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