Four-Season Sunroom is a Cozy Winter Space

In the cold winter months, a four-season sunroom with fireplace can double as a warm and welcoming space.

That’s what homeowner Michelle Cormack set out to create when she and her partner had a Lifestyle four-season sunroom designed and installed on the back of their brick, two-storey home.

“I’m a yoga instructor. And, we have five older children,” says Michelle. “I enjoy using this sunroom as an escape. It has a really good vibe at any time of year. It’s the perfect place to get away without having to leave home.”

The couple decided on the look of reclaimed wood boards on the sunroom’s exposed brick wall to enhance the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Michelle then affixed her father’s old snowshoes above the sliding glass door on the same wall. “I really like having them up there,” she says. “They came from the cottage and remind me of my dad.”

The modern, free-standing gas fireplace with stove pipe is another wonderful feature of the sunroom. It provides a very efficient heating option in the cooler weather or winter months.

Made for the Canadian climate, Lifestyle sunrooms are built for optimal temperature control throughout all four seasons.
The pre-engineered, high performance, Low-E glass reduces the sun’s heat gain in summer months and increases the R-Value in winter months.

With respect to the process from start to finish, the project went smoothly. “The installers did a really good job,” Michelle says. “The results of our Lifestyle sunroom are beyond brilliant.”

She adds, “I have a piece of wall art in the sunroom that says. ‘This is our happy place.’ I really do feel that’s the truth.”