Green-Friendly Metal Roofing and Metal Roof Shingles

Written by Cottage Country Connection Magazine, April 21, 2018 When considering the best roofing choice for your home you need to take a few factors into consideration. Your roof should be able to withstand the Canadian climate (hot summers and blistering cold winters) and prevent small animals from entering your residence. Also, you need to […]

Taking Your Roof to the Next Level

What if you could replace your existing asphalt roof shingles with premium, metal roofing shingles without removing the old shingles that are there now? And, what if, by doing so, you could add to the value of your home or cottage with a roof that lasts a lifetime? Before Lifestyle Home Products began installing steel […]

Energy Conservation – Simple Tips That Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are many good reasons to conserve energy. If we use less gas, oil and electricity we will save money, and the pollution associated with extracting and using fossil fuels will decrease. Reducing greenhouse gas production may help to reverse global warming. In a nutshell – conservation of energy has both personal and societal benefits. […]

New Metal Roofing Installation on Georgina Island

Here is an absolutely beautiful installation of new Lifetime Metal Roofing on a stunning home on Georgina Island: To find out how new Lifestyle Lifetime Metal Roofing can improve the look, longevity, and efficiency of your Ontario home, CONTACT US online or give us a call at 1-800-465-0593. Our experts will be happy to assess your […]