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Factory Tour

To give you a short factory tour, we wanted to share are a few photos from the factory floor.

1. Jeff assembles a frame in the sunroom build area.

2. In the sunroom build area, Chris cleans sunroom wall frame.

3. Working in the front-end windows division, Jackie preps a window sash.

4. Daniel operates equipment to clean window frame welded corners of overburn debris.

5. Bill, co-owner of Lifestyle Home Products, can frequently be found on the factory floor.

6. In Quality Control, Shari checks a Lifestyle window before it leaves the factory.

7. In the screen area, Beth works with Dawson to cut screen rail to produce screens.

8. Chris works at Lifestyle’s precision glass cutting machine, which creates sealed units of glass.

9. In the door line section, Jay wraps a door panel to prepare it for painting.

10. Peter prepares a door jamb, operating an automated CNC jamb machine.

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