Home Renovations and Resale Value!

Getting the best return on your real estate investment

By Mike Carroll
Regional Sales Manager

If you are thinking about doing some renovations around your house, even if you are not planning on selling this year, you may want to consider how they will affect the resale value of your home. Understanding the resale value will help you prioritize which project you start with as well as determine the net cost of the renovation. If you need to pay $10,000 for a project but have an expected 70% return on investment it really only costs $3,000 – not to mention any savings you may occur through energy bills or government reimbursements.

You can ask almost any real estate agent and they will tell you the importance of the first impression of your home. The term ‘curb appeal’ is used all of the time across the industry. The first impression is usually done in the first 60 seconds a potential buyer looks at the house – and lasts forever, and that first 60 seconds is usually spent outside. Rotting windows, faded doors, and failing gardens are all things that may deter a buyer from choosing your home without them even realizing it.

Numerous studies will agree that top renovations as far as resale value goes are; Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding, Vinyl Windows, and Garage Doors followed by bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling. One may have expected kitchen and bathrooms to be at the very top, but first impressions, as well as personal preference and countless home improvement tv shows are leaving home buyers to tackle these renovations afterwards.

Over the years the top renovations for return on investments have been, for the most part, fairly consistent, with an expected increase of an additional 10% on the resale value for replacement vinyl windows and front doors for various reasons; the unpredictable and extreme weather we have been seeing, the rising energy costs and a growing interest in social and environmental responsibility that has lead buyers to demand greener homes.

If you are thinking about a home renovation project, call Lifestyle Home Products now at 1.800.465.0593 to book a free, no obligation, in-home consultation to discuss your many options and find the best project for your home. Book before June 30, and you could even WIN $2,500 towards your new home improvement project!


Full House of Windows in Stouffville

Here is a fantastic set of before and after images of a complete window replacement in Stouffville, Ontario. You can see how quickly, neatly, and securely our team has set up and installed these windows across the entire home. And the bonus: they’re high-efficiency windows, so when this project was completed last fall you know the family enjoyed a warm, cozy winter with their new Lifestyle Windows:
Stouffville Windows010

Stouffville Windows001

Stouffville Windows002

Stouffville Windows003

Stouffville Windows004

Stouffville Windows005

Stouffville Windows006
Stouffville Windows007

Stouffville Windows008

Stouffville Windows009

We can install windows year-round, and do it in a matter of hours, minimizing disruption and discomfort throughout the process. Right now is the perfect time to talk to our experts about a new window upgrade on your home. Click the button below to get in touch, and if you meet with us for a consultation before June 30, 2016, you could even win $2,500 towards your new installation!


Kleinburg Sunroom – AMAZING 2-Level Design

This sunroom in Kleinburg, Ontario, is a work in progress, but we just couldn’t resist sharing it.

While we have shown off some very cool sunrooms on split-level homes, we have to toot our own horn on this one. Check out this incredible two-level sunroom design going up right now:

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom001

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom002

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom003

Honestly, we can’t WAIT to show you the project once it’s finished. We’ll have an update for you on this one very soon!

To find out more about Lifestyle’s industry-leading three- and four-seasons sunrooms, as well as some very cool non-standard upgrades for custom installations like this one, give us a call today at 1-800-465-0593 to speak with an expert, or download our FREE Sunrooms Information Kit below:

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New Patio Door, Holland Landing, Ontario

Lifestyle Home Products is more than just entry doors. We also specialize in patio doors. In fact, our Ontario patio doors are custom built for your home, and made to withstand the harsh Canadian climate exactly the same way as our high-efficiency windows.

Safe, secure, warm, and functional, our custom patio doors will last for years, working just as well as the day they’re installed. Check out this custom installation in Holland Landing to see for yourself:

Patio DoorHolland Landing ON001

Patio DoorHolland Landing ON002

Patio DoorHolland Landing ON003

Patio DoorHolland Landing ON004

Patio DoorHolland Landing ON005

To find out more about Lifestyle’s custom patio door solutions, CONTACT US to speak with an expert, or CLICK HERE to download our free door systems and patio doors information kit. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you get the best doors in Canada at a fantastic price, all backed with our iron-clad warranty!


Metal Roofing Installation Video & Photo Feature

Lifestyle Home Products is extremely excited to share with you our new Lifetime Metal Roofing video. Filmed with incredible aerials by happy customer and professional videographer Shaun Mitchell, this three-minute clip and the accompanying photo gallery below show how quickly and efficiently we can clad over your existing asphalt roofing with a brand new, premium metal roof. The results are nothing short of spectacular! See for yourself.

For a free roof inspection and a quote on the last roof you’ll ever need for your home, use the form at the side of the page or give us a call at 1-800-465-0593 and get in touch.