Stouffville Sunroom / Mudroom Installation

Here’s a recent sunroom installation in Stouffville, Ontario. This application shows how you can create a great weather barrier while maintaining bright and easy access to your patio. This creates a great outdoor space, while also functioning as a mudroom all year round.

Stouffville Sunroom 001

Stouffville Sunroom 002

Stouffville Sunroom 003

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Add to Your Home’s Living and Entertaining Space Without Costly Construction and Renovation

With more and more homeowners trying to maximize their home’s living space, it is no wonder home construction and renovation companies are recording record profits. But by assessing what you have and with a little creativity, new living and entertaining spaces can be had without spending thousands of dollars.

Late winter and early spring are great times to assess how space is used in your home. Often, decks and patios go unused or underused. Places you wouldn’t normally think of for use in entertaining – flat, shady spots in the yard, for example – may also lie empty. Many times, there are ways you can create “backyard retreats” in these underused areas without much trouble or cost, and truly bring the “indoors out.”

One such way of designing your new patio, deck, or garden living space is with a furniture grouping that matches aesthetically. Furniture that looks as if it belongs together can help bring unity to your new “outdoor rooms.”

Another way to expand your outdoor living space is to create a sheltered area that can work in different seasonal conditions. A retractable fabric awning is a great, affordable choice for creating a covered area on your deck or patio, and can keep your outdoor “room” cool in the sun, and dry in the rain. Another great option is a patio cover, which can act like a permanent “gazebo” to keep your outdoor space dry and cooler whether or not the space is directly adjacent to your house.

A third, and very popular, option is to consider a sunroom. Sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and Lifestyle is THE expert specialist in creating additional living space to suit your needs.

Whatever option you consider, take some time to give Lifestyle a call and let us know what you’re thinking of. Our design experts will be happy to sit with you and work out a plan that will guarantee you make the most of your outdoor living space and your budget!

Whitby Sunroom – Start to Finish!

Here is a start-to-finish installation of a great Lifestyle Oasis Plus sunroom in Whitby, Ontario. You can see clearly how we were able to attach this room to the house, surrounding the patio doors and making a great addition room off the patio entrance. There’s still a bit of remedial landscaping to around the install site, but we think it’s a pretty fine looking sunroom (if we do say so ourselves!).
Whitby Sunroom005

Whitby Sunroom009

Whitby Sunroom007 Whitby Sunroom006

Whitby Sunroom001

Whitby Sunroom004

Whitby Sunroom003 Whitby Sunroom002

Whitby Sunroom010

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Kleinburg Sunroom – AMAZING 2-Level Design

This sunroom in Kleinburg, Ontario, is a work in progress, but we just couldn’t resist sharing it.

While we have shown off some very cool sunrooms on split-level homes, we have to toot our own horn on this one. Check out this incredible two-level sunroom design going up right now:

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom001

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom002

Kleinburg Ontario Sunroom003

Honestly, we can’t WAIT to show you the project once it’s finished. We’ll have an update for you on this one very soon!

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Sunroom Installation in Scarborough

Even when the snow flies, our crews are out getting sunrooms installed across Ontario.

Here’s a great sunroom installation in Scarborough from this past winter. We were able to take this slightly awkward space and turn it into a functional, comfortable addition to the home’s living space. See for yourself:

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_006

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_001

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_002

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_003

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_005

Scarborough Sunroom IMG_004

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