Window Installation in Stouffville

While it’s always a good design choice to match your window trim to the siding or trim on your home, having your windows trimmed in a high-contrast colour can create a striking effect that has a high impact on the look and appeal of your home.

At Lifestyle, our windows are custom manufactured right here in Ontario, and designed according to your specifications. Just have a look at these amazing sealed window units, installed in a Stouffville home. The high contrast trim makes them really pop!

Window Installation Stouffville 002

Window Installation Stouffville 001

Window Installation Stouffville 003

If you’d like to see what options are available to really dress up the design of your home’s exterior while making a huge improvement to your energy bills all year long, stop by one of our showrooms, us the CONTACT form, or call us toll free at 1-800-465-0593. We’ll be happy to help!

Stouffville Sunroom / Mudroom Installation

Here’s a recent sunroom installation in Stouffville, Ontario. This application shows how you can create a great weather barrier while maintaining bright and easy access to your patio. This creates a great outdoor space, while also functioning as a mudroom all year round.

Stouffville Sunroom 001

Stouffville Sunroom 002

Stouffville Sunroom 003

To find out more about how a Lifestyle Sunroom can transform the look, functionality, and enjoyment of your backyard living space, CONTACT US to speak with one of our design experts today, or call 1-800-465-0593.



Full House of Windows in Stouffville

Here is a fantastic set of before and after images of a complete window replacement in Stouffville, Ontario. You can see how quickly, neatly, and securely our team has set up and installed these windows across the entire home. And the bonus: they’re high-efficiency windows, so when this project was completed last fall you know the family enjoyed a warm, cozy winter with their new Lifestyle Windows:
Stouffville Windows010

Stouffville Windows001

Stouffville Windows002

Stouffville Windows003

Stouffville Windows004

Stouffville Windows005

Stouffville Windows006
Stouffville Windows007

Stouffville Windows008

Stouffville Windows009

We can install windows year-round, and do it in a matter of hours, minimizing disruption and discomfort throughout the process. Right now is the perfect time to talk to our experts about a new window upgrade on your home. Click the button below to get in touch, and if you meet with us for a consultation before June 30, 2016, you could even win $2,500 towards your new installation!


New Door Installation in Stouffville

Here’s an amazing door installation in Stouffville, Ontario. This is the opening we had cleared out and set up before the installation:

Door Installation Stouffville

Door Installation Stouffville


And here’s the finished door system, fresh from the factory in Peterborough. The beautiful transom and sidelight windows let in a lot of natural light, while the doors feature the most secure hardware in the industry:

Door Installation Stouffville


To book a FREE certified door inspection and make sure your doors are sealed tight and free from drafts for the winter, CONTACT US today. All in-home inspections and estimates are no obligation and 100% free. Schedule an appointment now and receive a free Tim Hortons Tim Card as our way of saying “Thanks!”


Photos by Syed Ahmed, Lifestyle Home Products

Window Installation in Stouffville (Photos)

The Lifestyle team has done it again, with a spectacular window installation in Stouffville, Ontario. These high-efficiency windows look fantastic, and are the highest-rated energy efficient windows on the market, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry!
Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

Window Installation in Stouffville

To find out more about our Canadian-made custom high-efficiency windows, and to book a FREE QUOTE, CLICK HERE.