New Metal Roof Installation in Oshawa

Here’s a beautiful new lifetime metal roof that was just installed in Oshawa:







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The Best Windows in Oshawa

When it comes to high efficiency windows in Oshawa, nobody beats Lifestyle Home Products. Just check out the amazing difference in this double-stacked installation before and after:

Lifestyle Windows Oshawa

Lifestyle Windows Oshawa

Here’s another great Oshawa window installation, this time in a full-width living room application. While a window this wide could represent significant heat loss during the winter months, our industry-leading Enviro Pro and Enviro MAX windows are the cutting edge in energy efficiency, with an R value of 10 and up to 90% UV protection:

Lifestyle Windows Oshawa

They can even be added to a porch or patio enclosure, providing year-round comfort, and a great way to increase your family’s living space by closing off your entryways to the outside elements:

Lifestyle Windows Oshawa

(Yes, that’s a Lifestyle door system on this Oshawa installation as well!)

What a lot of people don’t realize about window installations is that they can be done during the winter months. In fact, by booking a window installation during the winter, you can actually save up to 15% or more over regular-season rates. When coupled with the possibility of winning $5,000 in Lifestyle’s Winter Ready Sweepstakes, this could be the best time to talk to one of our expert certified inspectors to see if a Lifestyle window replacement is right for your Oshawa home.

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Video Post: Window Installation in Ontario (step by step)

If you’ve been looking to have a new window installed in your Ontario home, but are worried about the mess, disruption, and possibly having a gaping hole in your wall, this video from Lifestyle Home Products will show you step-by-step how the process actually works. Nothing happens to your home until our quality, high-efficiency windows are completely manufactured in our Peterborough facility and ready to install. Once the team is on site, the installation process can take from a few hours to a couple of days — in which case any opening is completely covered to prevent drafts and cold and heat loss.

We know it’s your home, and we won’t leave it exposed to the elements!

Watch the video below to see just how quick and efficient our installation really is:

To talk to a trained professional installer and get a free quote on replacement windows in Ontario, CONTACT US. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process, show you our industry-leading high-efficiency window technology, and work with you to get the best value for your home.

Photo Post: Oshawa Exterior Doors (Before and After)

Here are a couple of beautiful Lifestyle exterior doors that were installed this season in Oshawa, Ontario.


Lifestyle Replacement Doors (Before)



Lifestyle Doors, Oshawa

Here, we replaced the old stock door and sidelight with a brand new solid door system. The new door is wider, and the dark finish provides an eye-catching contrast against the light brick. Plus, our new doors are are some of the most secure in the industry, and guaranteed to hold up against the harsh Canadian climate.



Lifestyle Replacement Doors (Before)


Lifestyle Doors, Oshawa

Again we have a beautiful darker finish for contrast. But take a look at the detail on those sidelight and transom windows (that’s the one above the door). We got rid of the old-style aluminum storm door, and fitted the space perfectly with a fully customized single solid door, built to withstand heat, cold, sun, and intruders with our top-of-the-line lock system. This is a perfect example of how one simple change to the entry door can really upgrade the look and security of your home.

To find out more about Lifestyle’s premium custom door systems, CLICK HERE.

Lifestyle Sunrooms (Video)

Premium 3 and 4 season sunrooms, built in Ontario

Lifestyle Sunrooms founder Keith Carroll takes you on a tour of our exceptional custom sunroom designs:

Whether you’re looking for a simple porch enclosure or a year-round sunroom addition, we have the design and installation experience to deliver your new favourite room. All of our sunrooms are custom built, and all of our materials are made right here in Canada. Give us a call today!

And best of all, getting your new Lifestyle sunroom is as easy as 1-2-3. You choose it. We build it. We professionally install it. Guaranteed.

To find out more about Lifestyle’s outstanding sunrooms, book an in-home consultation with one of our design experts, or to download the catalogue, CLICK HERE.